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By EGO Angel 2 years ago
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Hello, dear Guest!
I’d like to share with you exciting news! EGO creative media solutions officially became a Xamarin Authorized Partner since May, 22nd.  We are very excited to begin this partnership with Xamarin!

EGO creative media solutions is the team of experts in cross platform mobile applications building with Xamarin. We’ve fell in love in early 2012 shortly after its coming out and built multiple successful apps.

Xamarin enables you to build native iOS, Android and Windows apps upon a shared C# codebase, sharing business logic, data access, networking code and other core functionality. App interfaces are built using each platform’s native user interface APIs, exposed as C# class libraries. The result is fully native apps that share 75% of their code on average. This way we’re helping our Clients to save time and money.

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