Business mobile apps: it’s time to think about buying it or “what the hell do I need it for”?

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We are all aware of the news about the current situation in various sectors of the economy. Lately the situation in the global economy is becoming increasingly disturbing and the prognosis are distressing. For example, let’s take the forecasts of a global recession that threatens us in the nearest future. Professor and the ex-President of Harvard University Lawrence Summers believes that the global economy is in a grave danger. And what about not encouraging scenarios of the Japan’s and China’s economy advancement? To all appearances the Japan’s economy has entered a temporary lull. And this will undoubtedly have an impact on the state of affairs in the whole world. In addition we shouldn’t forget that the stock market has also a very perceptible impact on the economy. And the current situation is very unstable. Tony James, one of the leaders of BlackStone – a major investment company, said that the Americans, who are now 20-40 years old, are consigned to misery of such level as during the great Depression, as now they are massively stopping to make payments to pension funds.The problems associated with the pension funds of the USA set us thinking: are there going to be the next crisis and economy decay? None of these forecasts promise the objective advancement of the world economy in the long run .

But no matter how sad it looks, the situation is not at all hopeless! The events that are happening in the global economy, surely impose its negative impact on the business, but that’s not the reason to throw up the hands. You should acknowledge the problem as your challenge and then you’ll find the source of development inside the problem. Take it from us that, you can already prepare your business for possible trials and extract all the good out of all available tools. Imagine that you have taken some certain steps to optimize the business processes in the company and you managed not only to retain the former positions in the market, but also to get a profit. And all this despite the difficult economic conditions. Yes, it`s real! And the tools that will come to your assistance are the latest IT technologies. We are talking about mobile applications and the real opportunities that they give you for your business development. And all this against a background of inexorably growing popularization of enterprise mobile apps. You can assure yourself of this by reading published in Forbes article on the subject of why enterprise mobile apps are most lucrative to build in 2015. The numbers speak for themselves.

The crisis is in the yard, and they are on the upswing . What’s the secret?!

Most likely you are keeping track of business trends and already known that mobile apps purposefully take the place in the business strategies. Advertising is everywhere on television and websites, QR codes are in cafes, beauty shops, entertainment centers and cinema. Adopting Western colleagues experience, many companies integrate apps into internal processes of the company, use them for automation, workflow optimization, interaction with clients and employees communication inside the company. The reason for this is the rapid popularization of mobile apps and the heightened interest of users in the use of apps for convenience and simplification of the various tasks in their daily lives. The same story with apps at the workplace. Most of your employees probably use some of them to organize their own working time, to communicate within and outside the office. And, perhaps, even you use various services for work purposes, access to which is feasible via apps for different mobile devices.


Mobile app as a business tool will help you to achieve the main objectives of your company – profit growth, cost reduction, internal processes optimization, attracting new customers, raising the status, credibility, and company’s competence in the estimation of clients. Just those organizations, that are keen to apply and to use mobile technologies, earlier than others will improve business processes and increase productivity.

And there’s no magic at all

For a deeper understanding of how an application can be embedded in the company’s business processes, we will instance in a few sucсessful stories about how the companies with the various field of activity have integrated mobile app in business process and led the company to considerable achievement.

Mobile app integration is possible almost into any area. For example, we`ll take a medical services. Let us suppose, that the medical facilities needs the providing services procedure optimization. It’s a matter both of state institution and private clinic. The management has grasped the importance of the necessity to make  interaction with potential clients and patients more simple, but they hasn’t known how to implement it yet. And here the all-round solution appears – it’s a mobile app. After careful studying customer`s requirements developers convert them into specific functions and implement them on practice. This mobile application can provide the following features:

– patients have the opportunity to become a client of medical facilities by registering in the app ;

– patients can make payments for a doctor’s consultation through the app;

– the regular SMS notifications, that are coming to the patient’s phone, will remind him that it is time to take a medicine or will renew doctor`s prescription within the prescribed treatment;

– the app has the ability to charge a monthly fee for the various services;

– patients will be given with a full list of doctors with their work schedule, Clients will have an opportunity to book an appointment with the doctor by using app.

Also the website can be developed for the customer’s convenience . As well as the app, website will sync with the service where all user`s and company’s information will be stored.

As a result, the clinic will improve the quality of it’s service and the customer interaction with the organization will become considerably comfortable. All this will have a positive impact on the image and demand, and therefore on the company’s revenue.

Take another example. Mobile apps can also be corporative, specialized. They allow you to collect reports, to obtain information directly on the gadgets, to assign tasks and monitor their implementation, to organize meetings, and to perform many other actions. For example, the company, that is engaged in the construction, is extremely incommoded by the absence of a unified system for the gathering, synchronization, and the processing of data about the performed works status. Responsible for the construction progress monitoring employee visits the assigned objects, captures all the necessary data in the notebook or in the special document. Then, he goes to the office, where he creates the detailed report and transmits the all obtained information to the management. Manager analyzes these data, assigns the new tasks to the employee and takes actions in case of any violations or deviation from the plan. And so on, and so forth… Just think about how much time all it takes! But you can significantly save working time by the optimizing all these processes using application.

It is very simple.The developer can suggest this company to create a virtual checklist that will synchronize with the company’s database. When the specialist is at the construction facility, he can use the mobile device to capture all necessary information. For that he just need to open the object card in the app. There will be indicated all the items that must be checked, the data about the employees who are working on this facility and the area for entering specialist`s comments and notes. As soon as employee entered all t required points, application will send all information to the server. Manager can instantly see all updated information on his device, then draw the conclusions and assign new tasks on the object. The application may contain:

  • check-list;

  • object’s card with the status of completed works;

  • cards of employees with hours worked, absences, or violations;

  • to-do list for each employee.

As a result, the company saves the time required for inspection, thereby significantly increasing its productivity. Moreover, it may provide clients with information about how the company controls the work execution through specialized applications. It will be undeniable competitive advantage and attractive feature in clients’ eyes.

Mobile technologies help companies to organize an effective work of freelance employees or employees in different regions. This is especially true for those areas of business that cover several geographic regions.

Another example is an interactive mobile directory – a new trend in the work of sales representatives. Instead of using paper forms and catalogs the representative of the company can show clients, outlet owners, how the new trading equipment will look in their premises by using tablet and mobile app. Such an interactive presentation will facilitate the client’s decision making in your favour.

So many features, so many possibilities. But you should know, that this is not a complete list of everything that can be implemented in the planned project. It all depends on the tasks set for the tool and brilliant ideas of the Client.


10 cherished methods..

It turns out that with the mobile app you can significantly optimize your business and lead it to prosperity, it remains only to choose the method. You can:

  • to tighten supervision over all business processes;

  • to increase the productivity;

  • to improve the quality of the provided services;

  • to create new communication channels with customers;

  • to manage customer service (especially important for such areas as insurance and health care);

  • remote sales and keeping of account;

  • to control supply, the delivery of cargoes and goods;

  • to manage company/enterprise resources;

  • to optimize the communication inside the company/enterprise;

  • to speed-up decision making, owing to the speed of incoming data.


The typical mistakes or how NOT to do things with a mobile application

So, it has come true! Imagine, you are a proud and happy owner of the application. You delighted with its design and functionality, and has already tested it in practice. All functions work smartly, smoothly, without a glitch. All as you expected. You are so happy, because a new tool brings tangible benefits and gives bright prospects to the company. And here is the trap! Satisfied and being in the firm belief that you have already worked enough on the app, and then it will somehow work on you, you allow it to float freely and forget about it. That’s will never do. Remember that the mobile app is not a ready comprehensive solution in itself. It won’t bring the customers and profits to you, keep track of your subordinates and monitor their performance, analyze business processes and make suggestions for their improvements. It is a tool with the help of which you – the founder or the Chief Executive of your company – can lead it to success. In other words, the mobile app is not a fish, but it is a fishing rod.


Something went wrong..

Let us give you an example. We’ll take the already known construction company. Mobile application perfectly fit into the workflow, employees perceived the innovation with enthusiasm, everyone liked the concept. But gradually, the employees begin to neglect app, forget to make notes and mark the completed tasks. Or they are just lazy to do it. And no matter how functionally designed and incredibly useful the app is, what’s the sense, if it is not used? The same story will be with the clinic. If you don`t interact regularly with the application, don`t value its resources and don`t use it, it will turn out, that your time and money have been simply wasted.

In the business world there is always something to strive for, there is a room to grow. If you want to be the first and the best in business, to discipline your team and regulate the working processes, to offer your clients something unique and to win their sympathy and devotion, then do it! You have all the trumps in your hands, or rather tools. The application area of the mobile app is diverse and quite extensive. And if you have ideas on this score, we will help you to make them alive. Even if you don’t have any ideas, and you don’t know what exactly functions you want to have in your app to make it help you to optimize business and increase profits, contact us! We will advise, assist and provide you with a personalized solution for your business challenges. No matter how difficult they may seem. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You have already done the first one when you decided to develop and improve your business. Let’s pass this way to success together.

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