Meetup: “SASS and LESS: pimp your CSS”

By EGO Angel 2 years ago
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In eGo we started gathering together with all team mates in our play room to discuss interesting and useful topics. We call it Meet-ups. And today Alexander made a presentation about SASS and LESS.


Alexander is planning to use in his work one of this instruments and wanted to share his knowledge with other developers. Besides this topic is interesting for many of us. That’s why in the report Alex disclosed next questions:

  • Get acquaint with LESS and SASS
  • Identify the specific differences
  • Find out what are the benefits
  • How to Get Started
  • In two sentences about debugging
  • Reflect: when and whether to use LESS or SASS

In general the report was very introductory, because Alexander wanted to capture a broad audience. There have been requests to go deeper into subject and that is exactly what he is going to do in the near future.

So I want to say from our Team “Thanks Aleksander!”  for the great presentation and we’re all looking forward to discuss more this topic with you!


Thanks for being with me, dear Guest! See you soon to tell about new day in our office :)

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