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Hello dear Friend!

Today we’d love to share with You our experience. Our developers prepeared a great meetup to share all their knowleges with other teammates.

The project we’re talking about is started on January, 2014 and is on active development stage now: we’re adding there new features one by one and making product that fits best real users needs. Moreover many users in Australia, Thailand, New Zeland and England are already using this app on iPads and Android tablets.

First project goal was to convert Windows Mobile 6.5 app to iOS/Android using Xamarin. This is the technical app for Maintenance station. We decided to start the project via MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach. Firstly we created project sceleton with the main features and after Client’s approval, after all fixes and architecture improvements we started working on bigger part. MVP is very useful for the Client – it helps to see all product opportunities and to receive working product in short terms and with the smaller investments.

Moreover MVP is very useful from the developer’s point of view also. It helps to design the project and to evaluate what features may appear further, to understand what part of the project should be made more flexible than others. More about MVP approach you can read in our blog post Key advantages why to start new app development with MVP

But now lets get back to the dveloper’s notes. Hope you enjoy the presentatation with the video from meetup and find it useful for you :)

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