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Have you already heard about Xamarin partnership with SAP to help developers create great native mobile applications that easily integrate enterprise data and processes?

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SAP announced the arrival of new tools for developing Android, iOS, and Windows 8 apps with SAP Mobile Platform. The new development environments allow applications to be created for all three operating systems with the same program code. SAP is collaborating with Xamarin and Service2Media for this purpose (1).

SAP powers the internal and customer-facing business processes of more than 250,000 companies around the world. With Xamarin, SAP customers can build sophisticated mobile solutions with smooth, native user interfaces on every mobile platform (2).

Xamarin’s platform lets developers use C# to build native applications for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, and share on average 75 percent of the source code across the different operating systems.

The mobile software startup’s promise is to allow devs to re-use their existing code to build apps capable of working on different mobile devices and on traditional desktops. That cuts development time and cost, and potentially reduces the applications’ complexity (3).

Four Xamarin initiatives with SAP:

  1. Xamarin SAP SDK – Today we are releasing a jointly-developed Xamarin SAP SDK that provides a native .NET interface to the SAP Mobile Platform. Developers can easily authenticate against SAP Mobile Platform endpoints and use native C# objects to access their SAP business objects directly. Full data-access capabilities and Linq support are included.
  2. Automated mobile testing support – Xamarin Test Cloud now includes built-in SAP Mobile Platform data verification capabilities to ensure mobile applications are properly capturing and synchronizing data with SAP systems. Tests can run on the mobile app’s user interface, and then verify the backend data in SAP automatically. In this way, a mobile application’s frontend and backend functionality can be simultaneously tested to ensure stability and data integrity.
  3. Xamarin + SAP Certified Consultant program – Xamarin’s 150 global consulting partners and thousands of SAP global consulting partners now have access to a program that provides expert resources to help partners develop compelling apps using Xamarin and SAP together.
  4. Xamarin SAP Training –  Xamarin University now includes an expert-led course and curriculum to train enterprise customers and consulting partners on best practices in developing Xamarin mobile apps with the SAP Mobile Platform (4).

Think that it’s great event in development area that will help both client and development side to create quality products for different devices and platforms and save money and time.

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