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We’ve implemented different approaches for software development over the years. When choosing approach for the new project we always analyze what would be the most beneficial and comfortable for Client and development team.

Today we prefer implementing best practices of Agile: Scrum and Kanban methodologies, so we can build transparent relationships with Client and provide these benefits:


Each Sprint we have Demo and Retrospective meeting with Client, showing the status of the project, discussing what have been done, what issues were met and how they affected the development.


Special User Acceptance Testing environment is set on project start. Once developed and tested feature is ready it is deployed on this UAT website. Client can check the current status at any time. If there any issues, he can prepare remarks for the next Sprint or discuss with developer ability to apply fixes during current Sprint.


Client always knows what is currently in progress, what have been done and what is still awaiting. We are using JIRA software ( for project management.

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