Who we are

EGO is a small studio of diligent experts.

We are a cozy team of creative app junkies who appreciate and promote our company’s friendly atmosphere, cohesion, and close relations, which is often lacking at large software development companies.

We share EGO’s relationship style with our clients and partners. To make them feel as though they can rely on us and are assured that the result of our collaborations will exceed their expectations. And we definitely deliver these results.

At EGO, we are all involved in handling challenges and coming up with brilliant ideas for your project to deliver you an excellent product. Why do we do it? Here’s the simple explanation: We really care about the results you’ll get from us.

One more thing: while we’re working on your product, you become a part of our EGO family. Furthermore, when we’re finished, we’ll be good friends and our cooperation will last for years.

That is because our work is a passion for us. To be honest, we have a personal stake in this. What is it? Consider this:

Do you have something in your life that gives you a real thrill? Do you remember how awesome it feels?… Well, we get a real thrill out of arousing clients’ admiration and delighting them with each stunning app we create!

Well, we welcome you at EGO, a small studio of diligent experts, where we take care of your idea implementation and impress you with the results!