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“The only thing in life achieved without effort is failure”. This quote can be used by HR Manager of any IT-company as an everyday statement. The tasks HR faces during the work are not always so simple as it seems.

For the moment the market is full of different level developers and companies which need such developers. All the companies want to close the vacancy as soon as possible and it is natural, since we are talking about business. But there is the situation which is very common, when in couple of months you understand that the hired person does not really fit the requirements and needs of the company. So the process begins from the beginning and company needs to search a new person.

The searching process in our company is just the first stage of the huge work. It is not enough just to find a suitable person, who has certain skills and experience, give a workplace and force to code. He will not become a part of the team. After all the sense of belonging to something important lets any developer do much more than he thought he could. He knows that he is a part of one big mechanism and one big family.

Every employee who comes to our company is absolutely not accidental and I will tell you why. First of all, when there is a necessity in adding one more person to the team we thoroughly assess the prospects of the future employment for him. We don`t even start to search if we know that the project is very short. It could mean absence of tasks after the finish. There is always a risk that we will have to fire him. And this is not what we work for. We try to build long-term relationships both with clients and team members. It is the guarantee of success.

Thus, in case of an affirmative evaluation, the searching process begins. Of course we should have a clear understanding of which skills and experience should have the person we are looking for. All the eligible candidates are reviewed and discussed with the technical specialists. Then comes the stage of the test task, which practically shows understanding of the problem, execution speed, code quality, as well as the overall developer level. According to the results of the test task we set up a job interview, which allows to find out all the needed information, ask all the questions and let the person understand who we are and why he should work in our company.

Another important factor is not only a technical specialist level, but also the social component. As I mentioned above, the corporate culture of our company is close to the family: you will find here care, support and comfort; there are in some sense”big brothers” to help in a difficult situation; we have own values ​​and even our own traditions. Therefore, it is very important for us to know, who we take to our family and if this person will share with us all that we pass on the way of our development.

Well, here we are – found the developer, hired, gave the task and that`s it, just let him work. But it is not so easy. In some ways here is just the beginning of HR Manager work. For the newbie the first impression is very important. Everything matters – first team meeting, first cup of coffee during the break, first task on the project etc. The adaptation process can continue for a long time, if a person feels not comfortable in the team. As a result, the quality of the work will suffer. My job as HR Manager is to reduce this term to a minimum. I should be sure that every newcomer feels himself free and comfortable from the first minute in the office. Usually, to let the newbie relax I invite him to our kitchen, make tea or coffee and have some talk about the company, corporate culture, some traditions. Also, this time lets the person meet the team and introduce himself to everyone in more informal way.

All the events organized in the company are aimed at raising of employee loyalty level and sharing common values. We have a lot of team-building events which help us to get closer and spend some time just by playing games and eating pizza. This moves the company forward and allows us to develop together. The company is built with the efforts of everyone. That’s why we try to provide all our team members with different development opportunities. Regular visits to conferences, various forums and webinars, internal meet-ups allow us to raise the qualification of our developers and, as a consequence, the level of projects we can work on. Due to the successful implementation of these projects we have feedbacks from happy customers, which in fact is one of the company goals.

Keeping all of these processes in order and dealing with them carefully let us be sure in our team. Having the reliable team which will go with you to the end of the Earth is priceless. That is why we do care about the people who work with us and try to do it in the best way. Sometimes it takes much more time than we plan, but it worth.

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