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BizApptor – is a software platform  which allows to reduce the time and costs on native iOS, Android and Windows app development significantly

EGO Company is in constant search for fresh ideas in mobile apps development sphere and is exploring new areas. Our team is looking for solutions to meet the Clients` requirements and achieve their goals to the best advantage.

BizApptor platform is our latest services to develop high-grade mobile apps for medium and small-sized business at a reasonable price.

What is BizApptor?

It is a fundamentally new service to develop mobile products on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. It differs greatly from standard app builders that are improper for creating complicated, high-quality and unique apps. BizApptor is not a studio product requiring high-budgets. This service is the best option that combines quality, individual design, great functionality, speed and reasonable pricing.

What are your benefits?

  • Opportunity to reduce the cost of development significantly due to constantly growing set of ready functional modules
  • Option to order individual functional modules to integrate with different systems to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Easy to use and simple to manage Content Management System Mobile Application
  • Customized and handy approach to the development of App design
  • Stable app performance and quality are guaranteed at the same level upon the individualized development
  • Development within a shortest possible time with no compromise in quality
  • Support of the three main mobile platforms – iOS, Android и WinPhone. Full reach of the target audience on all modern mobile devices
  • Native mobile app secures high performance and stable operation at any platform, as well as helps to create user friendly and attractive app
  • Smaller price of Bizzaptor apps does not affect the quality of their performance

Which business BizApptor fits best? 

BizApptor is the most productive solution to execute standard tasks. Ready-made functional solutions and BizApptor development approach will be used for the general app structure. At the same time, BizApptor offers personalized solutions on design and functionality to meet specific business needs.

BizApptor apps are optimal for:

  • restaurants, bars, cafés
  • SPA, beauty salons, hairdressers’
  • real estate and law firms
  • car services and dealerships
  • retail and online stores (up to 1000 items and 100 pages)
  • travel agencies and hotels
  • medical centers, drugstores
  • fitness clubs
  • commercial and construction companies
  • logistics companies
  • delivery services
  • ateliers, laundries, dry cleaners
  • B2B sphere companies
  • many other enterprises of various business spheres

Which business BizApptor does not fit?

Platform solution has some functional limitations, which help to achieve decrease in cost and incense in speed.

BizApptor does not fit any task. In some cases, the complex studio development is required.

BizApptor apps are not suitable for:

  • highly loaded projects (with 100 000 active users and more)
  • projects with large amount of data (with 1000+ items or more than 100 pages)
  • projects requiring significant server-based computing and operations (complex automation systems)
  • systems with big value of interlinking (Social Networks, monofunctional apps like Skype, Music Players and others)
  • apps with increased demands on safety (banking or payment ones)
  • multilingual apps
  • management system with user roles division

BizApptor offers perfectly tailored app at affordable price and within a shortest possible time