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By EGO Angel 2 years ago
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Cross platform mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. It’s created for specific corporate events where industry executives and vendors connect with each other: send requests, accept or decline invitations, confirm meetings. Executives and vendors can see schedule of all day with detail of corporate events.

Key features available for user:

  • Selecting current event and log in to selected event;
  • Sending requests to other users;
  • Cancelling or confirming the meeting;
  • Cancelling sent requests;
  • Accepting or declining an invitation;
  • Reviewing other events of all days (Break, Boardrooms, Transfers and others);
  • Receiving notifications about new invitations from other users.

Solution provided:

  • Dedicated development team has been assigned for complex product development from scratch performing mobile development and QA;
  • Agile Scrum approach implementation for development. The work is divided into Sprints with utilization of Jira for planning and tasks settings. Weekly status updates calls and demos performing for discussing prior work and progress;
  • Utilization of Xamarin for cross platform development, that helped creating portable business logic across iOS and Android platforms.

Project Team

  • Xamarin developer
  • QA Engineer

Project Terms

9 months

Project Technology Stack

C# | Xamarin.Forms | MvvmCross | PCL | SQLite | REST Api | NSubstitute | Parse.com API | Mono|Repository (Git bitbucket)

Automated Unit Testing/Continuous Integration: NUnit, Bamboo, Performance testing (JMeter)

Manually testing using Acceptance tests

  • Android
  • Enterprise App development
  • iOS
  • Xamarin
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