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From development to publication your apps in Google Play and App Store

Our team came up with an optimal solution for developing your mobile app. We implement  the “Under one roof” approach and provide you with the whole range of indispensable services:

UI & UX Design

We make Client’s ideas visual by realizing modern design solutions. Taking into account Client`s preferences, users` needs, product aims and functionality we develop design conception that makes the app really pleasant to use. eGo team creates professional design for iOS, Android and WinPhone platforms. We implement high quality and attractive design, and you earn users` loyalty and sympathy.

Project Management & Support

To organize the workflow and handle team coordination we bid on communication and involve the Project Managers into the process. At the initial stage team make every effort to comprehend the Client`s idea and his goals. When the goals are set, the project is submitted into JIRA. Then the Project Manager chooses the development methodology, adds project members and assigns the tasks to the developers and QA engineers. The Client is involved into the development process, as we provide him the current project progress status by JIRA, set the priorities and approve the plans. We coordinate the process and provide you all the project information, and you just enjoy comfortable and streamlined communication.

Mobile & Web development

We start custom development from scratch, taking the idea and bringing it to life. On the iterative development phase programmers create the product prototype and pass it to the Client, so we can test the app usability and make sure we have chosen the right direction. Mobile & Web development talent work in tandem to create complex application working on both front and back end tasks. Our developers have successful experience in creating apps for iOS, Android and Winphone. We write quality code, and you get high-grade stable product.

QA & Testing

Depending on the tasks, QA engineers test the product using manual and automated testing. On this stage the requirements verification and bugs search is performed. During the iterative development the product is improved and brought into accord with the project’s aims. QA testing make us sure that the app productivity is on the high level and the task was completed according to the Client`s requirements. We thoroughly inspect and perfect the product. As a result, your app performance is stable, and the product adequately interacts with users, thus helps you to achieve your goals.

Publishing in Stores

When the development and testing stages are finished, we publish the app. We select screenshots and keywords, prepare the attractive and informative description displayed on the virtual storefront in collaboration with the Client. Then the app is submitted for moderation, which can last either few days in case with Google Play, or several weeks if this is App Store verification. It is very strict, so if there is even the slightest violation of the rules, the app may be rejected. In this case, we clarify the causes of rejection, resolve all of them and resubmit the app. We prepare your app for publishing at App Store and Google Play correctly, and you get broad audience and popularity among users.

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